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The mind and the body have different goals, and compete for the same source of energy. To put it more properly (now that I got your attention) the “brain” has different systems, which have contradicting goals, and compete for the same source of energy. Oddly enough, similar “brain systems” of different bodies may be (and indeed normally are) more closely related to each other than they are to other brain systems, of different kinds, that belong to the same body – taking the term "body" for what it’s worth, possibly not much.  That doesn’t mean they sort of  “team up”, as if they were individuals in a democracy. Brain systems can not be defined by sentences like “the purpose of this system is…”. A brain system to which a definite purpose can allegedly be assigned is either irrelevant or a testimony to the stupidity of the attempt. Brain systems can only admire, and be admired. By the way, most of what I’m trying to tell you here requires a new understanding of cooperation, one that is not based on social contracts, binary (or n-ary) relationships, and ordinary game theory. One that is based on the understanding of life, of being (yes, I’m going philosophical) as struggling.

So what happens is that quasi-autonomous brain systems cooperate, regardless of corporeal boundaries (or phenomenological boundaries of any kind, for that matter), because they can’t help it. This is something that can only be contemplated in a  historical perspective, away from all noisy propositions of final cause, teleology and design. What we call language, and whatever laws it embodies, is the product of an ongoing and constantly renewed armistice, not of a contract. It is this armistice that matters, this is what lasts. Until it doesn’t.

Disclamer: I am not talking about memes, this is a competing framework, don’t insist. On the other hand, if you really need to insist, go ahead: it really doesn’t matter. It may also tempt you to think of brain systems as parasites of the bodies they inhabit. It is my contention that that’s not the case, and that this is just another – rather useless – metaphor. What is at stake here is a different view of the time frame where all this cerebral dynamic takes place.

I said, on an earlier post, that we now need to legislate on reality. That was obviously a provocation: as in fact we cannot do this, the obvious alternative is to reduce the level of agitation. Keep reading.

Power does not comes from the hability a collective brain system has to command a substratum that has the longest life span. Power comes from where there is no agitation, no entertainment, thus, no boundary. To assume that all that is human is pathetic is a lazy, unwarranted notion. Looking for dignity in human form is not without purpose, even though it can be said that human dignity is not special, or superior to dignity in any other form, being form itself a consequence of dignity, not the other way around.


It is useless to try,

It is useless to push,

It is useless to expect, and so it is useless to long for,

It is useless to negotiate,

It is useless to plan, and it is useless to rule.

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